Influencing Policy

Many ratepayers seek to manage and mitigate their rate liabilities, without considering trying to influence the policies behind those liabilities. But it is possible to seek to influence policy; whether this is directly, by responding to Government consultations and reviews or indirectly, by communicating with politicians and officials.

If you are a major ratepayer it is not wise just to leave this to trade bodies as the wider trade interest may not be directly aligned with the interests of your business. Even if you are a smaller ratepayer there may be occasions when you need to become involved in this area, either in responding to public consultations or where particular economic or legal factors affect your business.

Whatever the circumstances, we can help you seek to influence policy on business rates at national or local level. This could involve framing consultation responses in a way that is both tecnically accurate and also designed to have maximum effect. It could involve more active initiatives such as talking directly to government about business rates. You will need to know who to talk to and how best to make your points. These are all areas where we can help your business.