Our expertise spreads across all areas of business rates: policy; liability; rating appeals and law.

We have the experience and expertise to advise on most matters of that are likely to be of concern to business ratepayers. These include business rates policy, rates liability, appeals, and legislation and the law.

Understanding and influencing government policy

Policy responsibility for most taxes rests with HM Treasury. Business rates is unusual in that policy responsibility sits, nominally at least, with the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and with the devolved administrations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. This can make it difficult for taxpayers to understand how they can go about trying to influence policy in this area. We have experience of dealing with all these bodies and can help you understand policy in this area and how best to try to influence it.

Legislation and the law of business rates

Legislation covering business has expanded massively since the introduction of the Local Government Finance Act 1988 and has become very complex. Decisions from the Courts and Tribunals system also mean that the law evolves continuously. We can guide ratepayers through all aspects of the law relating to business rates.

More details

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