Business Rates appeals

We have great experience of dealing with appeals in respect of unusual types of property and in dealing with appeals that require hearing by a Tribunal or Court. We can help you devise successful strategies for complex appeals Рfor example on points of law or on very large or unusual properties.

We can also help deal with the compexities of preparing cases for a hearing – what papers should be prepared and when should they be submitted and then how should the case be presented at the hearing.

Appeals against rateable value have a clearly identified route to hearing, in the Valuation Tribunal in the first instance and on appeal in the Upper Tribunal. But appeals in respect of rates liabilities have a less clear-cut route to resolution and can be heard in the Magistrates’ Court or in the High Court.

If you need advice on appeals that cannot be resolved by negotiation, we are able to help you prepare for a hearing in such a way as to maximise your chances of a successful outcome.