New limits imposed on rates appeals

The Government has published draft regulations that will affect the backdating of appeals made against rating assessments. The draft regulations are due to come into force on 28 March 2015 and will affect business rates appeals made on or after 1 April 2015. This is a significant change to the rules on rates appeals and is one which ratepayers should review carefully. ...Read More

Property undergoing works must still be valued

The Court of Appeal has determined that an office property which had been stripped out as part of a refurbishment project must still be valued for rating purposes because the law requires that it is assumed to be in a reasonable state of repair. ...Read More

Consultation on powers of entry

DCLG has published a consultation paper "Council Tax and Business Rates - Powers of Entry" seeking views on its proposed amendments to the powers of the Valuation Office Agency to enter properties as part of its role in valuing properties for Council Tax and Non-Domestic Rating. ...Read More